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Kristin Jakob

Kristin Jakob

Kiristin is a very talented and award winning botanical illustrator, though you'd never know it when you first meet her; she's very shy and not at all boastful. Only when you read her bio you see the depth of her long and fruitful career. I wanted to create a website that would show case her wonderfully detailed, almost photographic illustrations that she does from living plants, she doesn't work from photographs. I enjoyed working on this site because I got to look at her images over and over again and I never tired of seeing her work.

Bokara Legendre Splash Page

Bokara Legendre

Bokara was a lot of fun to work with. She's never had a professional career but did do a lot of things people with professional careers do: produce television and radio shows, write and performed monologues, wrote and illustrated a book, exhibit her paintings, and philanthropy work. It was wonderful to showcase her work through a personal website.

Susan Williams Splash Page

Susan Williams MFT

Susan came to me through a friend and I enjoyed our collaboration and learned from her. She is very thoughtful and methodical, and well; I'm not exactly her opposite, but I had to learn to slow things down and process things the way she does. I'm thankful for the chance to work with her.

Andry Ross Splash Page

Andy Ross Literary Agency

Andy owned and operated Cody's Bookstore in Berkeley for 35 years. I felt a debt of gratitude to him since I love books. I loved going to Cody's on Telegraph Avenue spending hours browsing the latest books and magazines. I had fun designing this site. I imagined myself a writer and a reader and built an atmosphere to transport the visitors to a cozy little space.


Elena Portacolone

Elena received her PhD in Sociology from the University of California in San Francisco. Her interest is helping seniors who are living alone. The website was needed as part of her green-card application process showing how relevant her work is to the citizens of the United States. We really are lucky to have Elena here with wonderful energy, where ever we may be in the world.

Don Hanlon Johnson

Don Hanlon Johnson

If I don't understand something, I can't come up with a good design—so my job first was to understand what "Somatics" was and for me it did not come easily. Because Somatics is so dynamic, I felt there were couple of images that could help convey what it is. First I felt it was important to have a face, after all, Don helped to pioneer the practice. And because it's larger than the sum of its parts, I loved the idea of using beautiful portraits of grand rocks, it represented a connection to the earth and wisdom.


Adellaide Donnelley Splash Page

Adelaide Donnelley

Adelaide has a PhD in psychology, an MFA in film, a BA in theater arts. She helps other people build their lives around what they love. Her love of the outdoors and her simple but rich life helped informed my design where her power can shine.

Transforming Terror

Susan Griffin

I wanted to contribute to this remarkable book and do my part to promote peace.

Chester Aaron Splash Page

Chester Aaron

Chester is a friend, writer, and garlic farmer. This is the first website I ever designed, spurred from a desire to create something beautiful for him. Look where this led me, to all these other websites.

Dave West Splash Page

West Management

My first corporate project, something I've tried to avoid, but I knew that with David, the owner, I'd have the freedom to design a non-traditional property management site. At first he was afraid that the site looked too different from other management sites (that was my point) but I was able to persuade him that's what he was paying me for. Soon after he signed up a client who really liked the feel of the website. Phew!