Interrogations of Thomas Farber videoInterrogations of Thomas Farber
by Andrea Young

2010, Interrogations of Thomas Farber

On the occasion of publishing Thomas Farber's book, Hesitation Marks,
I decided to make another video of him discussing his epigrams, but this time with people interrogating him. I wanted a wild bunch: author Cathy Luchetti; visiting Danish/Korean student Mia Kjærgaard; mime and writer Leonard Pitt; mathematician and filmmaker Edward Frenkel; comedian and marketing guru George Corrigan; author Shawna Ryan, and
Viktor Salitrennik, my wonderful partner. Cutting the footage was a crazy task, given the short timeline and the hilarious exchanges, but this is what emerged.

40 minutes

Polka Face video

Polka Face
by Andrea Young

2009 Grand Festival Award/Ethnography – Berkeley Video Film Festival

In 2008, Bay Area videographer and one-time Korean orphan Andrea Young returned to her 'hometown' in rural Minnesota, where she was raised by her adoptive parents. What emerges is an affectionately ironic savoring of an almost-lost, home-grown small town and its coherences—quilting, concertina clubs, church festivals, and the seasonal cycle of country chores.

The award was for a 6 minute video, the 45 minute version coming soon

Clove video

by Andrea Young


2007 Grand Festival Award/Education – Berkeley Video Film Festival

Clove is a documentary portrait of 84-year-old Occidental, California farmer/writer Chester Aaron, author of celebrated works of fiction and memoir; innovative grower of ninety kinds of garlic; combat veteran of WWII; and very gifted raconteur of the passions of both his life and the lives of others.




Twoness video

The Twoness of Oneness
by Andrea Young


In this companion video to The Twoness of Oneness, which I both filmed and edited, author Thomas Farber reads from his work in progress and tells us how he got to these epigrams. He also takes us into his library where he's in direct communication with some of the best of the all-time epigramists, including La Rochefoucauld and Martial. I think you'll enjoy this view into the rich mind of a very interesting writer.




senior fitness video

Senior Fitness Video
by Andrea Young


I have been working with the seniors in the Berkeley/Oakland area for eight years and when I knew I was going to leave the program, I wanted to create a fitness video so the seniors would be able to continue their strength training on their own or in a group.

The video is performed by the seniors in the community and has English, Spanish and Vietnamese voice-overs.

This is a free video to all interested and motivated seniors. I only have a limited number so please take only if you will use it.

Price Free plus shipping.

To order please call or e-mail: