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A Lover's Question Cover

The Twoness of Oneness

by Thomas Farber

publisher Andrea Young Arts

February, 2009

About the epigrams of Thomas Farber

To blurb an epigrammist? Farber–whose wit deserves a whole page–does it himself: “Writer: Someone who can’t go without saying.

–Terese Svoboda, Black Glasses Like Clark Kent’s

In an epoch of soundbites and compression for cretins, the epigram’s hour has come again–brevity for grownups. Thomas Farber, modern master of this ancient form of terse dialectics, has marshalled a second collection of gems. Polychromatic, impure. More agate than diamond.

–Iain Boal, The Devil’s Glossary

Tom Farber’s Truth Be Told offers the sort of wicked pleasures to be found in Gustave Flaubert’s A Dictionary of Platitudes; here the great fun is (un)leavened by some equally engaging, astute critical prose on the subject of the text: epigrams. The end.

–Binnie Kirshenbaum, An Almost Perfect Moment

Tom Farber’s Truth be Told does more than compact the world into the essence perceived by its idiosyncratic compositor. It also hints at an expansive hidden narrative of sex, death, joy and despair. In short, as the author presumably prefers all things, it may be an epigramasterpiece.”

–Melvin Jules Bukiet, A Faker’s Dozen

Epigram: a terse observation aspiring to the universal and irreducible. Generally about human foible or fate. Relies on paradox, hyperbole, or wordplay to compel a flash of recognition. Kissing cousin of axioms, parables, maxims, apothegms, and Zen koans.

–Thomas Farber


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