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Foregone Conclusions Book Cover

Hesitation Marks

by Thomas Farber

publisher Andrea Young Arts

January, 2010

About the epigrams of Thomas Farber

"Every epigram in HESITATION MARKS is a surprise, a little jolt, a stab of wit. Farber exposes truths behind human behavior by playing with language, daringly juggling such themes as aging, hypocrisy, betrayal, envy. These epigrams offer little comfort, except in their originality and skillful compression they almost transcend themselves."

Thomas Farber has a weird and wonderful mind. He sees everything we see but more. Because he sees more and is so good at saying less, his epigrams translate human experience into playful gems of meaning. The art of the epigram is not only alive and well but thrives under Farber's thoughtful observations.
—Leonard Pitt, Walks Through Lost Paris

Tom Farber casts an incisive eye on a potent range of subjects that touch our lives: sexuality, intimacy, marriage, divorce, old age, money, class, justice. In these pithy statements, far more complex than they appear, he marries psychological insight with word play and wit with gravity to give us a spare and beautiful mirror in which to retrieve a large part of our souls.
—Susan Griffin, Wrestling with the Angel of Democracy

In Farber's book, sense is sharply halted, turned upside down, then sent weaving off in a giddy new direction. It's a master act of crazy balance and performative wit, every thought "riddled with perfection." Amazing!
—Cathy Luchetti, Women of the West


Epigram: a terse observation aspiring to the universal and irreducible. Generally about human foible or fate. Relies on paradox, hyperbole, or wordplay to compel a flash of recognition. Kissing cousin of axioms, parables, maxims, apothegms, and Zen koans.

–Thomas Farber


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