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Foregone Conclusions Cover

The Dragon's Gift

by Bokara Legendre

publisher Andrea Young Arts

April, 2012

The Dragon's Gift

The story of The Dragon's Gift came to me during a guided meditation. The facilitator said, "Imagine a ribbon of light," and the whole story emerged in rhymed couplets and pictures in my imagination. I wrote it immediately afterwards. Later, I painted the pictures and edited the text down from four hundred lines. I've revisited the book many times and revised the text to reflect what I was learning.

The story is about me and my fantasy of transformation. The dragon is a Chinese symbol of transformation and oddly enough, later I discovered that I am a dragon in Chinese Astrology. In this book I am the dragon, the little girl and the frog, which represents the expression of the natural world.

The book is for the seeker in everyone of us.

—Bokara Legendre


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